Charlie's Tree | Lake Maurepas, Louisiana | Landscape Photography

July 17, 2014

I've photographed Charlie's Tree in the past, but recently made another trip to Lake Maurepas and added a few new shots to my collection.  My intention for this trip was to arrive before sunset, stay until after dark, then photograph some star trails streaking over the cypress trees.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and there was too much cloud cover to get decent shots of star trails.  I still walked away with a nice sunset shot, a nice silhouette, and one shot with some star points (but not trails).


Cypress trees in Lake MaurepasLake Maurepas Sunset at Charlie's Tree in Lake Maurepas, LouisianaLake Maurepas Cypress tree silhouette at Lake MaurepasLake Maurepas Stars over Lake MaurepasLake Maurepas


And here's a shot of me in the water right at the end of sunset.  You can't see them in the frame, but there were two alligators in the water with me that were a little too close for comfort.  I took the liberty of doing a bit of post processing, but the picture was taken by my friend Scott Schexnaydre.

Louisiana landscape photographer Mark Bienvenu photographing Charlie's Tree in Lake MaurepasLake Maurepas