Retouching Images for Architectural Photography

January 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

When shooting images for architectural photography, the scene is often filled with distractions that take away from the main focus of the image.  In this example, you can see there were objects on the right side of the frame, cars in the foreground and background on both sides of the picture, and several parts of the roadway that were discolored and distracting due to recent road work.

After identifying and removing the distracting objects, there can often times still be room for improvement.  This shot was taken during twilight so the building lights would be more visible.  The sky was perfectly clear at the time and wasn't very interesting, so I replaced it with a nicer one that I felt could add more impact to the image.  Once the sky was replaced, I adjusted the colors of the clouds to make it look a little more like sunset than twilight, then also adjusted the color of the road to match.

Image: 19th Judicial District Courthouse designed by POST Architects, photographed by Mark Bienvenu